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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Click & Collect

Why should I pre-order my foreign currency with ICE's Click & Collect?

Our secure and simple online service will save you time and money. All Click & Collect customers benefit from preferred rates and no service charges. Reserve the currencies you want, all from the comfort of your home or office. You will have peace of mind knowing your currencies will be available when you need them and where you need them.

Do I have to pay for my order online? 

No. When using Click & Collect, simply select your currency, the amount required and where you need to pick them up. You will only pay at the location when you collect your order. 

What exchange rate do I pay for my Click & Collect order? 

Your Click & Collect order entitles you to our online rate which is better than our regular counter rates. You will pay the Click & Collect rate on the day of your pick-up. We update our rates daily to reflect current market rate fluctuations. 

Is the rate shown on my confirmation order exactly how much I will have to pay for my currency? 

The total amounts shown on your Confirmation Order are based on the Click & Collect rates of the day, on the day you placed your order, and are indicative only. Since you can place your order from 24 hours up to a year in advance, the rates shown on your confirmation are estimates only. You'll pay the Click & Collect rate of the day, on the day you pick up your order. You are always guaranteed to get the best ICE exchange rate by using Click & Collect.

Do you charge a commission or service charge?

We waive all regular service charges and fees for Click&Collect customers.

Do you accept all banknotes?

We purchase all currencies listed on our website. However, we only accept current circulating banknotes. Please be aware that damaged banknotes might be refused. It is always subject to our discretion.

What are the methods of payment for Click and Collect?

We accept debit and cash when exchanging USD for foreign currency. But, when exchanging your foreign currency to USD this must be done with cash.

Should I bring my IDs? 

We recommend you bring some valid IDs at the moment of the transaction. 

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